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Sanjay Ginde

New York, NY
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Sometimes I write. Mostly code.

Resident code curmudgeon @Contently.

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Honey badger haunts article
Programming is Failure

Life is suffering.

Years ago I read the book Buddhism Without Beliefs and the above quote is essentially what I got from it. I was thinking about it in the context of programming earlier this week and...

100420 os integration plugin for eclipse article
OS Integration Plugin for Eclipse

A simple plugin that allows for the right clicking of any folder or file and allowing it to be opened in a File Browser, Command Prompt, or (for Windows) Cygwin. Currently only Windows is supported, but I'd like to add Mac OSX and Linux support.

Artworks 000029102300 6pflqv t500x500 article
Space Carnival

Space Carnival by Professor Millionaire

Axl dolphin article
On “Use Your Illusion”, and the Album that Never Existed But Should Have

When I think of the Use You Illusion albums, I think of a marriage: two entities intertwined. But just like Axl Rose’s marriage to Stephanie Seymour, these two albums have...

Homer simpson wallpaper article
Lazy Load DataSource for YUI

To solve my requirement for a lazy, single-request data source, I created the (obviously named) LazyLoadDataSource. It's much like the XHRDataSource, except it expects to retrieve all the data in a single request. Now I can create more efficient auto-completes that can retrieve data on demand while keeping requests to the server at an absolute minimum.